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Welcome to the Homepage of NSES, the Netherlands Society for English Studies. NSES was founded in 1990 and represents the interests of English Studies in the Netherlands as an academic subject. The members of NSES are professionally engaged in, or otherwise connected with, teaching and research in English Language and/or Literature at universities and colleges of higher education in the Netherlands. They meet at the annual NSES Symposium, which is held at one of the Dutch universities. 

NSES also represents English Studies in the Netherlands within the European Society for the Study of English, . In this way, the members of NSES are automatically members of ESSE. ESSE organizes a major conference every two years. An ESSE Conference was held in Strasbourg in the year 2002, in Zaragoza in 2004, and from 29 August to 2 September 2006, ESSE 8 will take place in London.

The aim of NSES is to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and skills among scholars of English working in the Netherlands with a view to promoting professional cooperation in an atmosphere of friendship and solidarity. NSES also seeks to stress the identity of English Language and Literature as an internationally recognized discipline. It is with this aim in mind that NSES offers two prizes: the NSES-Award, which is presented biennially to a journalist who has made a particularly valuable contribution to our discipline, and the NSES Graduation Prize, awarded biennially to the graduate in English studies who, in the judgment of an expert jury, produced the finest dissertation or final project of the preceding years. NSES’s steering committee is in regular contact with the Nationaal Congres Engels, an important forum for teachers of English in the Netherlands. In the years to come, NSES will extend its field of activity with a view to increasing the visibility of English studies in the Netherlands, both nationally and internationally.

If, for professional reasons or simply out of interest, you want to join NSES, please write a letter to the secretary/treasurer of NSES, Dr Roger Eaton, Department of English, University of Amsterdam, Spuistraat 210,
1012 VT Amsterdam
( The annual fee is € 25,  € 15 for research students.

As a member of NSES you will receive NSES’s biannual newsletter, ESSENSES, as well as ESSE’s biannual bulletin, The European Messenger; these publications will keep you abreast of developments in English studies in the Netherlands and in Europe. You will also be able to take part in discussion on NSES’s e-mail list, Anglist. And of course you will be welcome to participate in the Annual General Meeting, which is held immediately after the academic part of the NSES Symposium.

If you feel attracted by the aims of NSES, I invite you cordially to join us,


Prof. J.L. Mackenzie,
former chair


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