ANGLIST is the name of the experimental discussion list of the Netherlands Society for English Studies (NSES). The primary purpose of ANGLIST is to further communication between members of NSES. However, all teachers of English in the Netherlands, as well as all members of ESSE (European Society for the Study of English) are cordially invited to share and discuss their ideas about the profession with the other members of ANGLIST.

Please feel free to explore this medium for posting announcements, voicing queries, and the like.

In its experimental phase, ANGLIST is an unedited list. Depending on the volume of traffic, and the nature of the messages exchanged, ANGLIST may be modified to become a monitored communication facility. Membership is open to all members of NSES. ANGLIST is also an open list: anyone can apply for membership. Should you wish to introduce any of your colleagues or friends as new list-members, please feel free to do so. Membership of ANGLIST may be obtained by writing to:

The current listowner/administrator of ANGLIST is Ton Hoenselaars (English Department, Utrecht University, Trans 10, 3512 JK, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Telephone: 030-2537845. Fax: 030-2536000). For any list-related questions which you do not wish to appear on the list itself (for example, if you wish to unsubscribe during a longer period because you will be away), please contact


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